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Frequently Asked Questions

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When should I change my plan?
The plan that you choose will vary depending on the needs of your business. There is no specific time at which you must change your plan, but you should consider upgrading your plan. If the amount of transaction fees that you pay becomes greater than the difference between your monthly charges for your current plan and the next plan up you might consider upgrading.
How do I cancel my store during my free trial?
If you don’t choose a pricing plan during your free trial, then your account will be frozen at the end of the free trial. You won’t be charged for anything when your free trial expires. If you do choose a pricing plan before the end of your free trial, then you need to manually pause or close your store.
Do you offer a free trial?
Yes, we offer a fully functional 15 to 30 days free trial, during which you can test drive Hub9 and . You don’t need a credit card to sign up; there’s no obligation and no risk.
Will I lose my free trial if I sign up for a plan?
No. You won’t lose anything that you’ve done on your free trial when you sign up for a monthly plan. If you sign up for a monthly plan while you are still on your free trial, then you won’t be charged any subscription fees until your free trial expires.
Can I pause or close my store?
Yes. You can pause or close your store. Pausing your store is temporary, while  is permanent.
What happens to my store at the end of my trial?
We’ll send you a reminder to upgrade your store at the end of your free trial. If you choose not to upgrade, we’ll keep your data for a short amount of time  just choose a subscription plan to get your store up and running again. During this time, your customers won’t be able to access your store, and you’ll only be able to log in to choose a plan. After that, your store will be automatically deleted, and we’ll no longer be able to restore it.

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